About VMG Renovation

“Your Honest Contractor in the SF Bay Area”

VMG Renovation remodels kitchens and bathroom and builds room additions. We provide
various general construction services for residential clients in Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Contra
Costa, and Marin Counties.
In-house capabilities handle every phase of your interior and exterior renovation projects,
including specialty work like plastering and electrical installations.

“Your honest contractor’ is printed on each of our service trucks, which perfectly sums it up. Our goal is to earn the trust of every client. So we’re always open with them, and we never do anything that will compromise the integrity of our work.”
~ Victor Grejeda Sr.

Owner Victor Grajeda says VMG Renovation’s customer-oriented business practices have been
crucial to its success.

“We spend a lot of time talking to our clients about the details of their projects and what to expect. They really appreciate that because they stay informed every step of the way. We make sure you don’t have any unanswered questions by the time we leave your job site.” ~ Victor Grajeda

VMG Renovation is known for its transparent approach to quality control, which Victor Sr. explains is essential for ensuring positive results.

“We want you to know that your investment is going to be worth it. So, we
record videos and take photos of your project’s materials and products. You
can look at them whenever you want. By showing each client the ins and outs
of our work, we make sure each one is completely satisfied.” ~ Victor Grajeda

“We try to foster relationships with our clients, so they feel like part of our
family,” affirms owner Victor Grajeda Senior. “A remodeling project can take
months to complete, so we want you to feel comfortable with us and know you can talk to us about anything.”

Maintaining customer satisfaction is crucial for any business. Still, it’s even more important for
kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors that earn the prestigious Diamond Certified award. For VMG Renovation, the key to keeping customers happy is taking the time to build lasting relationships with them.
“We try to foster relationships with our clients, so they feel like part of our family,” affirms owner Victor Grajeda Senior. “A remodeling project can take months to complete, so we want you to feel comfortable with us and know you can talk to us about anything.”

VMG Renovation has provided home remodeling and construction services for residential clients in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and Solano Counties since 2001.

VMG Renovation is qualified to handle every interior and exterior renovation phase, including
specialty work like electrical installations and plastering. Unlike less experienced remodeling contractors that lack transparency when dealing with their customers, VMG Renovation makes it a point to be upfront about all aspects of its work.

“We make sure everything is transparent, from the initial contract to project completion. We itemize everything on the contract, including materials and labor charges. This helps our clients understand exactly what they’re paying for, which eliminates a lot of questions and instills a sense of trust.” ~ Victor Grajeda

VMG Renovation prioritizes communication throughout every step of your project.

“Our clients have a direct line to me. I’m always happy to talk to you, answer your questions, and update you on the progress of your job,” says Victor Grejeda Sr. “Ultimately, this helps you feel more comfortable with us and the work we’re doing for you.”

What sets VMG Renovation apart?

“Tile setting is a major component with kitchens and bathrooms, and it’s one of the harder things to
master, so we decided to specialize. Everybody on our crew is an expert tile-setter. It’s easy for them
to turn around and learn carpentry versus the other way around. And because we know
communication is key for clients, we make sure everybody is bilingual. No matter who is on-site, they
can explain what they’re doing to the homeowner.” – Victor Grejeda Sr.

What is VMG Renovation most proud of?

“I’m proud to see the turnaround and how happy clients are with the work we do. That makes me
excited about coming into work every day, especially because we work with such great clients.” –
Victor Grejeda Jr.
“I’m proud that as a family business, we get along so well, and that we’ve been able to arrange things
in our lives to maintain the business and therefore the family.” – Victor Grejeda Sr.



Most frequent questions and answers

Victor Senior (VS): Well, I got my start as a plasterer in the union for 14 years, but then just kept getting more and more licenses and certifications in contracting, electrical, you name it. But then the economy changed, and I refocused on kitchen and bathroom projects.
Victor Junior (VJ): It started when I was born (laughs). By the time I was a teenager, I worked with my dad during the summers when he was building entire homes. So, I saw the process from the ground up. I worked for the phone company, as a photographer, and took time to travel, but I came back in 2018 because I wanted to work with my dad again.

We understand that timing is a big concern for many people regarding home renovation
projects. We know exactly how long it will take to finish a job, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed on schedule.

Yes. The building industry is very busy right now. Most cabinet manufacturers are months behind, so we’re scheduling jobs four months in advance.

Absolutely. We want you to feel comfortable telling us your ideas and getting our opinions on product options. We’re happy to provide guidance and point you in the right direction.

We use the proper safety equipment and protocols to ensure our technicians stay safe while working on your home. We’ll provide you with that information before we start.

Yes. We invite you to stop by and see the jobs we’re currently working on and those we’ve recently completed.